September 20, 2009

Back I came to you,

Back I came to you,
I stood at your doorstep...

I stood at your doorstep,
waiting to be held,
by the hand and lead, through
the path I always fancied,

With every step I took,

I felt your presence more
than a moment earlier,
I curled it up entire, all at once.

I felt my arms around you,
tied in a beautiful bow,
how I prayed it wasn't a dream
I opened my eyes, only to see

I was back to you,
I was at your doorstep...

With every step I vowed,
never to let this distance win,
That I would do anything,
to win you back, all again.

I saw the dreaded spark,
right in your eye it dwelled
the look of disbelief,
why and how I got so close within.

I knew what I d lost,
the smell of your breath, just as sweet
as the look in your eye, and the touch
of your hands just as warm.

I wept myself out,
not at all to be heard,
Blamed myself for all the,
thought, worry and discomfort.

I tried telling myself it would pass,
I wiped my eyes, and
looked across,
I was back to the place that I am

I was back to you,
I was at your doorstep...

This time I want to be sure
to disgust or wander I wouldn't allow
I will have things all my way,
when asleep I rule my world I know.

I close my eyes all again,
I am back, at your doorstep...
I am back, at your doorstep...


Dealz said...

Wow great writing.. Did you write this?

jaishu said...

nice one..keep writing ...!!
whose door step where u at..?heheh(excuse ma pathetic attempt at humor).

"I will have things all my way,
when asleep I rule my world I know."
is wat i liked the most.

looking forward for more...!!

Some Girl said...
I felt that.
I think I might cry.

Priyanka Tadipatri said...

@Dealz: Of course. :-)
@Jaishu: Not necessarily one person or thing. Thats a part-experience part-fiction expression. Don't think much :-P
@Some Girl: Thanks :-)

Vira Komarraju - Healer, Writer said...

I came upon your blog, meandering from a friend's all your entries. thought I'd leave my fingerprints and thoughtprints have a promising talent for wielding the pen, and your thoughts are in sync too...keep it going!
All the best

Grandma Nina said...

Thanks for visiting me, and I'm so glad you did, because now I've had a chance to read your work and it's very well written.
I'll continue on to read your other sites and take a look at your Etsy site.
I'll be following to get to know you better.


Engineers are better poets...I no more need an example..:).keep writting..

Tuesdai Noelle said...

Indepth emotions captured in a small thought that's sweet and sincere....

yvette said...

so subtile...thank for visiting!


Suzanne Rowley said...

This is truly beautiful