September 9, 2009

Fight Club is an Awesome Movie!

It is 10 pm. And I can't seem to be able to sleep. Not that I am the early-to-bed-early-to-rise types, but I'm sure a day as tiring as today would any other time imply a sleepy 10 pm.

There seem to be too many things lingering in my mind, at a somewhat late hour, a time when I'd rather be reading Erich Sehghal's Love Story and wishing myself a good night's sleep and sweet-sugar-dreams about my dreamboy. I have the feeling that I'm stuck in a phase of life I don't deserve to face. This isn't the most helpless-clueless-confusing time I' ve ever faced, and I for sure know, I hold solutions for each problem i'm with-holding in closed hands, right within the moment I choose to open them for myself.

Most of the emotion I hold controlled right now is anger. Anger against everything that is asking me questions which I don't care to brood over. I am angry with a system, not a political/ religious or social system, but an everyday routine-system that is getting to my nerves with every passing second. I want to scream, swear and punch. not particularly someone and possibly anyone!

This is one of those times when I feel a social responsibilty of establishing a Screaming Club; which would serve the same purpose for the ladies, as the famous Fight Club does for men. I am sure as anything, it does help to sream; especially women I guess; to achieve a relaxation beyond achievement. Screaming; again not particularly goal oriented or with grudge; screaming... A scream that would take all this pressue away, a scream with no consequences, a scream which answers nothing, and cares a damn whether anything needs to be answered at all, and a scream that is totally irresponsible.

I am sure, it isn't a solution to any of the problems(/ whatever they are), that are leaving me disturbed nights. But sure, It feels awesome to scream!

P.S.: This screaming club idea... anyone with it? Leave me a mail, we' ll plan it out. ;-)
P.P.S.: Yes, I asked you to mail, all because it would be a secret society. ;-P Rule 1: You don't talk about it.
P.P.P.S.: I still don't understand what makes every guy a fan of Fight- Club. And, you care ask why I put that title up? I thought I'd grab an extra lot of readers.



Anonymous said...

There is a genre of music which goes by the name 'METAL', if you didn't know already. I would suggest you get to know more about "the lifestyle" that Metal is. If you ask me, Metal would cater to your needs much better than a Shout-Club would. (Unless, of course, you don't get it!)
- You know who!

Priyanka Tadipatri said...

Yeah. I know exactly what you are speaking about. It does help to listen to a lot of music-that-others-somehow-find-ear drum-crashing. But that day, that time, it was a screaming club that I wanted to be at.

If you ve heard this, you ll know what I mean...

"Do you lock yourself in your room...
With radio on turned up so high, that no one hears you screaming??..."

-Welcome To my Life, Simple Plan. ;-)

Anonymous said...

If you pick up a really physically strenuous activity like ice skating or horseback riding it really helps relieve the stress. You'll want to die the first couple times you do it, but after that it's a blast.
Also, I LOVE FIGHT CLUB! Especially the movie, but I don't have any complaints about a ripped young Brad Pitt

I love your blog, by the way
I'm following

Priyanka Tadipatri said...

By the way, @I know who: I know who!:-P