November 16, 2009

Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow

Right now, is not one time of my life that I like best. Nevertheless, if I had to live all over again, I d pray, I found myself in more of such instances. I never failed to surprise myself with my immense potential of screwing up things. Trust me or not, I have always narrowly escaped some of the worst possible consequences of my actions. I was left with a few bruises and scratches. In spite of everything, there is always some lesson to learn.

I have met people. Some were important. Some didn't matter. Some got more important or less as and how the situation asked for it. Some people tried to act important. I am relieved they failed. Some are still trying. I find them amusing. You know, it is always nice to know that you 're capable of keeping someone's mind occupied even in your absence; no matter they might only be cursing you over something vague; they are in fact thinking about You.

I realized I did not have enough reason to celebrate a birthday. Or, at least to celebrate it the way others do. I d rather claim a happy 20 hour sleep for my birthday than spend a thousand bucks treating people who are (or are willing to be) happy for my birth. Partying- not my kind of celebration. Ask about food, well, I eat every meal like it were my last; every day is a treat.

I understood my favorite part of the web-world (This very page) has suffered step-motherly treatment for the last couple of months. My bike needs a change of the seat cover, and is desperately weeping for the need of an oil-massage. My hair is in its worst form after not being taken care of, for a month. My room is tidy, neat and lifeless. I haven't listened to No more Sorrow for more than 45 days now.

I need some time to make up for everything that I missed in the last bunch of days. A little more than just 24 hours everyday. I guess, it is time now, to unwind.


kim said...

i would like to get to know you. you seem so interesting!
Feel free to check out my blog:

XXX, Kim

Powerslave said...

Excellently written.
It surely is the time to unwind... and Priyanka, partying doesn't hurt once in a while! :P

The romantic query letter and the happy-ever-after said...

You write really well and I enjoyed my time on your blog.
All the very best.

Priyanka Tadipatri said...

@Kim: Thanks for being here. Leave me an email, we 'll sure get in touch.

@JD: He he. Thanks. Though I wrote this up, I guess it is a dream until i am rid of exams and stuff. Still, it is a sweet dream ;-D

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