April 2, 2008

Back to me, in time today...
Back to me, my minds that say,
Back i come, to nowhere now,
Back i come in this endless love.

Nothing is left to be re-written,
Nothing is left to be cried on,
Nothing at all i can see and say,
What was i doing there?? anyway!

The place i belong of twisters unsolved,
The place i belong of tales unheard,
This place i never thought i ll reach for,
This place i ve reached, in the wet of the shore.

Some said i was mean,
Some said, i was good being mean,
Some never said a thing,
Maybe, those were better; those words unseen.

People think, people say,
People remind of errors like they,
have none for their own memoirs,
Hey you! What have u been doing this far??

What am i doing here, i ask myself,
It gives no answer cuz, it knows none,
Do i stick here, like the book in the shelf??
Do i stay, here; what is the whole fun?!

Thinking so now, that i decide,
Thinking of things i shall never hide,
from 'people' that i do not know,
from my self, i ll will never stride.

Facts i need not, others to listen
Things i don't even have to tell,
Truth about my-hood, and life and all,
Beliefs; that only alone, i wouldn't fall.

There was never a better time.
Than now, with the only one i love,
Me! alone, I'm happy , all right,
call it selfishness?? i call it My Life!


Reema said...

This poem here leaves an essence of your attitude towards in a way direct or indirect. Incorporating such a profound meaning into mere words is an art by itself and I see that u excel at it. Great job buddy! Am luking forwad for more on this page...go ahead! the sky is the limit!

Anonymous said...

Nice one. It really says something about you as a person rather than a blogger. I hope to read more things from you.

jaishu said...

well...amazin to c u write thngz..vch r such a treat to read on....u seem to get better evry time....kudos buddy!!!

...has a element of variety in it....i mean u alwazz come up with some thng so different evry time....
loved da pic...suits da poem to da hilt....

roll on...!!!!gr8 goin...!!!rock ya!!!

Samarth Sen said...

Hey! Nice one, Waiting for more :)

Priyanka Tadipatri said...

@Reema: thank you so much for being here :) Do keep visiting often

@Kalyani: (Anonynous :P): You cud have left your name :P

@Jaishu: U always make me feel proud of myself!:D
And i guess, u shud be writing more ofetn now.. :)

@Samarth: Thanx :)

Tomz said...


I like d rhythm dat every line follows...

Priyanka Tadipatri said...

Hey Tomz,
Thanx a lot for liking it! :)

palaash ki talaash said...

another nice work...it really says something about your way of looking at things...at life ..may be your life....
i do have a question though
"What am i doing here, i ask myself,
It gives no answer cuz, it knows none,
Do i stick here, like the book in the shelf??
Do i stay, here; what is the whole fun?!"

what you have said in this part...it seems is trus for many engineering students...i face a lot of people wid same question..curious it makes me why?

Priyanka Tadipatri said...

Hey there!
Thanx for being here,
Well, about those lines, there are different kindsa interpretetion u can attach to it.

One,could be, about my Engineering life as such. I joined this stream of mechanical engineering, with 'love' for mechanics. But i ended up learning economics, a subject, tried getting rid of, in every choice i made in my career so far, all in vain.

Though it isn't a regret, about my decision, it does add to my disgust that i have to do things i hate to do, just because everyone does so. I dont realize the reason. But i still don't rebel. I just follow.

Why?? remains a question!


vaishnavi said...

such simplicity in the words yet such complexity in the meaning...and its such a reflection of your personality and mine..as a matter of fact...love what you wrote...keep it going

Priyanka Tadipatri said...

Hey Vaish!
Welcome to what i call, My World. :)
I hope u keep liking it.