February 11, 2008

A decade past, Internet and Email qualified as the most important modes of communication ever invented, in the time roll of the technological nourishment of human life.

Telephones lines starved for callers. The wires would rust in the deep earths, without being of adequate use. Email networks enveloped the globe.

Later on, Cellphones came into the big picture.Mailing seemed burdensome. Email even became costlier with, diminution of local-call charges. Possession of land line phones, seemed a luxury.

I remember the days, just an year back, when i didn't have a mobile, when my inbox overflowed with mails. Friends and cousins, all across India, found it most convenient to leave messages via emails. Reading mails was also an amusement.We were all just a 'click' away!

And today, when i opened my mail-box to check for new emails, i realized i haven't received a single personal letter, since the past five months. Just the 'forwarded' mails, Facebook notifications, and a wide range of spam mails.The last personal mail i ve received from a friend was a e-greeting card for my birthday.

Out of sheer boredom, i scanned through some old mails. And it really felt good. Emails have some magic about themselves. Speaking on the phone doesn't satisfy me any longer. I decided, to write mails to friends even if i speak to them on the phone at a day-to-day basis, just because it ll remain somewhat special. :)

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Tomz said...

Ah..so u gonna send e-mails..i hope u know my email id..