April 23, 2008

Waking up with the sunshine,
I forget the images i dreamt all night,
The beauty locked up in it, i cant recall,
Were there clouds and angels??
Or just a land Nowhere!!

Do u like it this way,
I hate, things when they,
Do not stand still, through the path,
And in the end it is,
Just me, and my disappointment.

I begin with my Yoga practice, burning out high and fast,
Tired and exhausted, worn-out,
I look into the glass pane,
Only to realize, it is no better than yesterday.
Only worse, another pimple on my nose!

No, i don't cry through everything,
And I'm not unhappy; not content though,
With the ways; no win anywhere,
No loss at all too, but it does matter,
What is it??! It sure does.

I don't know, what i need, or want and desire,
Taking life 'as it comes', was never more boring,
Moments of dullness, of meaningless leisure,
Just the wait for it 'to come'; it doesn't.
It is just, me and my disappointment.

I decide, I'm gonna do good,
Be good and try feel good,
'Coz, it is not gonna 'come' till, i don't move,
It is the relative velocity;
With that second thing at rest!

I start driving, towards being good,
To mom, to people around,
Study, work and help others out,
Be that good good girl; of fairy-tales,
End up disgusted; I did no good at all.

No one felt good about it,
And even worse, not even I.
I over-strained my mind and body,
All for nothing, it went all unnoticed;
Left just me, and my disappointment.

And now, i made up myself,
To be just what i want to be, try no good, to add.
I'm the only one soul, Incapable of being dissatisfied with me,
Never to worry me with disappointment,
Now i like what i see !


palaash ki talaash said...

nice poem...i cnt help smiling though....cuz it feels so real.
keep it up

Tomz said...

Oh..was dat ur biography..it helped me to understand u...

Vinay said...

I say that pimple on your nose must have been pretty disappointing lol