February 9, 2012

Social Media and that 'Other Bolt'

Everyone has a take on why businesses should start taking social media more seriously. I have mine too. Last evening at office, we had an extremely informative training session on Social Media and Digital Marketing. It was discussed why all businesses need now to buck up and get themselves a couple of online platforms to find and cater to clients.

This is my take! You want to open a door. And, you unlock, unbolt and try to open the door. The door doesn't open. You try hard. You try harder. The door doesn't open.The harder you pull, the worse you feel. But, the door just wouldn't open. 

The door wouldn't open, until you unbolt the 'other bolt' too. 

It is a similar situation when you have a product that you want to advertise and make popular. You might have unlocked several means and methods- However, you might end up not reaching out to all your audience, unless you act on that 'Other Bolt' too!


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