January 31, 2012


Life is sometimes strange!

You get everything you have ever hoped to find, after months of struggle.

You fight against the world, against your best friends and your own emotions relentlessly to achieve that one goal. It seems like a distant dream like a horizon that a bird tries to fly and reach. It feels like swimming an ocean that never ends. It feels like a pain in the nose when you have a boil in the mouth and a fracture in the leg, all at the same time!

And then, a miracle happens. Your efforts and patience finally pay off. You reach the goal!

Somehow, it just doesn't really sink in.

Why, after such prolonged misery, that success seem unpleasant? Why is it that after waititng so long for something you really wanted, you aren't happy when you got it?

Did you wait too long? I wonder!

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