January 26, 2012

To say, it would be my last day in Hyderabad... for a while!

It feels terrible to leave a city that you so love! Thanks to all the political chaos around, we hardly have good opportunities left in this city. Plus, other cities are really growing fast!

It also feels terrible to be leaving mom alone here. The kind of a relationship that mom and I shared in the last five years was beautiful. We fought like cats but the whole of last one week, I wept at night even thinking of the fact that she would be left alone for several such nights in the near future. 

I was reading through one of those 'Chicken Soup' articles. The suthor wrote that one must never stick to one phase in life, because he loves it too much. One always needs to move on and explore. When a new phase shows up, we must always embrace it with a lot of enthusiasm and positivity, even if it hurts you to move ahead of the previous phase. 

Both of us have agreed that we won't under-estimate each others' ability to live alone and manage. Things should go on smoothly now!

I ll miss my cat! Its a pity the little thing doesn't understand that I am about to go away. Even when I m trying to speak to it. 

Okay wait.

Its something I ve been waiting for, for ages now! I am sure I ll love my new job!
It is probably the most exciting thing to happen to me in my life till now! I would be moving to a new place. 

Mom and pillu, I ll come hoem every couple of weeks or as often as is possible! :)

I would have a great new job. And, I would have a whole lot of new friends. I would live on my own, for the most of it, and I would love it! 

New place! Here I come! :)

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Tomz said...

good luck and best wishes. fr ur new venture