October 20, 2011

Past Tense Present

Was watching myself transform through some old photographs.
I think I have become darker. I am sure I put on weight in the last few months.

It is a good thing to compare yourself to a past-version of yourself. Of course, with age, some changes are inevitable, but I don't think I have aged so much that I should ignore the changes in what I look!

I found a picture of me, when I was two years old. I have always been excessively fair complexioned. I sometimes even wonder, if I am a south- Indian at all! Well, about the picture; it says I was very fair.

I found a few more pictures taken a couple of years back. I was still very fair. It is now hurting me, that I am turning darker and darker with every passing day.

I have also put on an incredible amount of weight. (Oh, I must tell you that my mother woke me up in the middle of the night, to tell me that I must workout and lose some weight! I have a strong feeling that tonight, I am going to lose my sleep, without her efforts!)

Now that I have written about these things, that matter so much, I am making it a point to work on them from this very moment.

Writing things down, always gave me clarity!


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Haddock said...

Isn't it funny that we don't at all look like how we were in our childhood.