November 4, 2011


They say love is a monopoly of the human race; that possibly, only humans experience the sort of intense emotions that are very different from attraction and distinctly so.

I do not agree.

You should see my cat waiting for me. Mind you, dogs do wait for their masters too, but it is a little strange for a cat to wait. She also gets extremely possessive about me, again unlike a cat. She sleeps right beside me every night. And every morning, she puts a face that definitely shows disappointment that I have to leave for work!

There is another strange mannerism of pillu. She eats very less; and she insists that I wait with her while she eats. If I move, she wont eat any further. Okay, this is again something that I ve heard of with some pampered dogs. But there is more...

One night, I guess I forgot feeding her and went to bed. She probably assumed that there's no food in the house. Furthermore, she probably also got concerned that I could be starving! She has always been smart and quick at finding solutions, and here she was with a solution!

A mouse! For me! At 2 am!

Now, I do not know what to call this emotion of her's, if not love... :)

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