October 20, 2011

The Forty Minute Ride

Tears rolled down and hands trembled
Needless to say that the heart did weep
I knew not where I was, nor would I care
When I knew, I saw it was my Forty Minute Ride

One last glance at the closing window
One last smile, to do with for a while now
One good bye, with a heavy sigh
I remember, and cry on my Forty Minute Ride

It wouldn't be like this forever
It cannot stand the might of changing times
It has not the power to keep us apart
It would be like it was before; my Forty Minute Ride

Eerie honks don't scare me no more
Sudden brakes are no longer vile
Darkness doesn’t sound like an accident calling
Too much light for my Forty Minute Ride

Sweet was the Forty Minute Ride for months before
Tonight it seemed like an endless void
But something tells me this won’t last long,
Like didn’t last any forty minutes, longer than that!

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