March 3, 2010

Animal Rescue and Rehabilitation Society, Hyderabad


Since the last 6 months, I have been volunteering for A.R.R.S. (Animal Rescue and Rehabilitation Society), Hyderabad, helping with technical rescues of animals in need of rescue. We are a small team of 12 volunteers, most of who are students. And, many of who are in our final year of graduation.

That would mean that once we 're done, and find ourselves some flashy college to join for our post-graduation we would be out of the city, and the city would be out of trained volunteers.

We believe that love for animals, however genuine, and very necessary, is not sufficient to provide them with some useful help. Our jobs always demanded more than just love and care. It takes the strength to look at the helpless, feel and think at the same time, and have the ability to help.

Fortunately, our work seldom disappointed anyone. And, not-so-fortunately, we are running out of time, to attract the attention of newer potential volunteers for the team. We need you. To join in; to spread word; to work.

It is my request to my readers, to please get in touch, if you think the work is worth your time. Or, if you know of someone, who might want to help in anyway.

Also do checkout our blog , for details and information about what we have done so far, who we are, where we belong and what we plan to do next.



Heavenly Muse said...

wow..nice to read....well i myself is great supporter of innocent donkeys....;-)...while my friends say its weird...

jaishu said...

@heavenly muse
hahaha funny..!!

ravi said...

all the best.

Anonymous said...

Do you think you could post their
(Animal Rescue and Rehabilitation Society's)address and phone number?
I too want to volunteer, but I just can't find any of their contact details.