March 9, 2010

I could opt to call it: Shitty People

People give shit. It is possible, probable and natural. Why people give shit, is a wonderful question.

People give shit not because they re capable of giving it; but because they find out/ realize/ figure out/ calculate that someone is capable of taking it. They think they know more, because someone seems to know less. They assume their opinions are important bacause someone appears lost and confused. Or even better, someone is younger! All the more reason to feel better.

They matter, because others dont.

Now, people sometime also give shit when they think they care. When out of the blue, it strikes them that the earth will stop spinning, if they don't utter the magical words. There is a wild scope of possibility that they feel awesome, and measure that it is impossible for a world to survive without their advice. Good for them. It has never done anyone any bad, being confident and a little over-the-necessary-amount-confident.

There is a rare possibility that people give shit, and it is not taken. It is a natural instinct that man acquired (at the cost of losing other important senses like the sense of smell and hearing), a sense of calculation of the energy level of the listener's mind. If the listener is too strong, they would never risk giving gyaan. (Doesn't matter and ins't worth it. They know everything, anyway). When the listener is either sad or pissed or sick or broken or ill or mentally retarded, there emerges an excellent-super-self esteem, and the confidence is born all by itself.

That is when, people give shit.
When they have nothing better to do and,
When there is someone to take shit.

People give shit. People suck.


Cold.Fire said...

This is completely true, and people can definitely suck, that is for sure! Very nice writing.

lizardrinking said...

Some people give a shit, though, too. It's kind of nice when they do.

Lauralee said...

Most people definitely suck. You said it.

Navendu Sharma said...

Nice shit what you have written....U exactly are right about giving shit and people take that shit...It was first time i came across ur blog and It made me laugh and think at the same time


I have noticed that the same is true of babys.