December 13, 2009

An Everyday Nothing.

For the past few weeks, life has been seemingly important; or so does it sound when people talk about the part of life called- Exams. Forgetting the bad things in life for a while, I have some important; really important and nice things I 've done in this while.

10 things I did last month, that Matter.
  1. Got my room to its natural state: Messy, dirty and happy.
  2. (Finally) downloaded the whole set of The Cranberries tracks. Yay!
  3. Went shopping, got a pair of pairs of jeans. (Is that gramatically right? Whatever!)
  4. Tried to get back in touch with some friends and acquaintances. Some replied. Some didn't. Thanks to those who did. :-)
  5. Got a one-year old doggy treated against scabies, and now he is recovering real fast. :-)
  6. Spent a day-a whole day, at the parlour. (If you know what it feels like, you know it. Else, you never will.)
  7. Got back to working out at the gym. (Yeah. God Promise.)
  8. Started reading my favorite book again. The Zahir.
  9. Plan to visit blue cross this evening, and hopefully will do.
  10. Plan to watch New Moon tomorrow, if everything falls in place.

Life's Good. (Thanks to the business-G.K. tests, I am unable to think of a better expression right now)

Well, I do have my TOEFL/ GRE coming up in a week and have to begin studying even before I relish this festive-feeling... But as they said it, "a little is a little more than little" (again, thanks to my Verbal-ability tests)



Marie Antionette said...

Well you just seem like you got it all together, Thats normal so yes your life is good...LOL
Merry Christmas Dear, XXOO Marie Antionette

jaishu said...
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Priyanka Tadipatri said...

@Marie: Merry Christman to you too. Have loads of fun :-)

@Jaishu: The not-so-good-things are always there. It would take me aday to write up an hour's stuff in that category. ;-D
All this wasn't (defnitely) done in a day; just that I managed to finish a mid-bucket-list. ;-)