December 15, 2009


Hey everyone!

I found this really cute, around-ten-months old Pomeranian dog near my place, last night. I was worried it could be hurt by the bullies of the colony, and decided to entertain him at home for the night. I called up the others of the Animal rescue team today, as the dog that seemed either lost or abandoned, needed to be put up somewhere permanently. N, S and T seemed more than happy to meet another little smart being, and came down first thing early in the morning, (N's definition of Early morning being 9 am)

We tried to walk him back to his place, but he insisted that my place was the one he belonged. (Loser. I guess he forgot his way back and was content deceiving himself with what was comfortable) For the one-feet tall creature that he was created, he was too much to handle for four of us together. He would jump, run, scratch and play. He wasn't even bothered being lost from home. He seemed to be well brought up and pampered; why then was all the indifference to go back home? May be, it needs me to study a little more animal psychology to understand that. That idiot was happy and content and we were the idiots worrying.

We decided that he couldn't have come from too far away and thought putting up posters around the area might help. As if he had guessed our intentions, he was all irritated with the idea of posing for the picture. Another half hour trying to pamper him passed, and we finally got a decent photograph.

We divided into two groups and left for the poster-drive. I tried calling others but in vain. People were either busy with something else, or they were really busy. No complaints; life is a busy schedule. A hour still passed and we stuck posters at every bare wall we found enough bare. People gave us all sorts of looks and comments.
"Ohh.. I am so sorry. How did you lose the dog", was the most repeated.
'Repeated' is an under-statement. There were, although, far more interesting comments.

"White dog ah? Does it have patches?"
"No. Plain white."
"Oh. okay. We want one with patches. Do you have?".
No. We don't run a business.
"Directly go to blue cross."
"Thanks. I couldn't even think of that. Are you a genius?"

"Why don't you give an Ad in the newspaper?"
"No money. Next?"

"Oh. it is really great. You are really great. Great."

"You guys are taking so much risk. So nice."
"Dude. Do you even know or realize what you are talking?"

This one is my favorite.
"Dog FUND ah?"
"No uncle. Dog FOUND."
"Yeah. FOUND only, but will you give us money?"


Later on, N made a few more calls and persuaded a friend of hers, R to join in. R did. And it happened so, that I and R knew each other before. I was genuinely delighted to meet R, more so because it was after more than nine years that we ran into each other. The world is such a small place (Said N) :-)

Meanwhile, a lady offered to take care of the dog for a couple of days, so he has a temporary shelter now. We are still looking for the owners, and hope that the dog is back home soon.

Will keep you guys posted.


1. At Blue Cross, Hyderabad there are more than 200 dogs/ puppies and 80 kittens/ cats. In addition there is some cattle, a monkey and some other animals.

2. Most of the animals abandoned were because they suffered injuries or got infected, and the owners did not want to spend time or money on the treatments. Some dogs were pets for as long as eight years before they were abandoned. "They were brought to safeguard the house, now it is too old," is what they say. What ever!

3. When ever anyone in Hyderabad sees a kitten or a pup hurt on the road the favorite one-liners are "What is Blue Cross doing?" and "What is Amala Akkineni doing?", while they would care as much to hold it and pacify. How is it any of our business.

4. Blue Cross and many other organizations that don't worry about how well they are respected are working as much as they can afford. They really are, even if you think it is their failure that so many animals die unclaimed. They are providing a shelter, food and medicines.

5. A shelter, food and medicines are definitely not enough. There are hundreds of really cute animals wanting and waiting to be adopted. And it is sad, not enough people to take up a little more responsibility than saying "What is blue cross doing?"


jaishu said...

good to hear that there r ppl who care for animals.lucky dog,i must say.the title must have been"the dog found me"...haha.
nice work...!!!

Priyanka Tadipatri said...

Hey. Good to see a comment from you after so long. Hope to read more from you too; only if you could update your blog a little more often!

Fighter Jet said...

why dont people who abandon their pet,go to hell in this very life.Suckers!Why in first plac did they own one,if this is how they were going to treat it.And they say,God loves you all.Bullshit.