December 9, 2009

What is with you and Philosophy?

I 've been asked this question, a larger number of times than the very common "What is your name?" I 've heard some saying that I am boring because of the Philosophy-philic part of me. Some find that very part 'the-most-coolest' part. Some think it is interesting that an engineer can think and talk philosophy for (really) long.

I find my interest in 'Philosophy', just normal and human.

Even as a kid, I was always interested in meeting new people. Making friends was not my game any day, but knowing people just the way they are has been an interesting passtime. If I were asked what I would do if I was faced with the last day of my life, tomorrow, I 'd say, I 'd spend it meeting and talking to a new bunch of people.

I read somewhere, that someone said, "Talking to a wise man is almost like reading a great book". I more than agree. I actually think and believe, every person is a larger experience than any great book.

Now, what is with Philosophy?
Isn't philosophy just about how people think and behave? That is what I like observing and noting. I find it interesting that given a situation, a bunch of ten people are capable of giving ten varied and extremely diverse explanations.

What did this experience teach me?
It taught me to be tolerant. It taught me to put up with really weird (and interestingly funny) opinions people tend to make and express. It taught me that, it is totally OK when someone doesn't think the way I think. In fact, I now happily consider other opinions, even if just to weigh my own. They might not effect my decision in the slightest measure, but sure they do tell me that other view-points are possible.

Now that I 've learnt to mingle with people more silly and foolish as well as those really smart, I am able to see that the world is a really nice place to live. I found myself getting back in touch with people I had considered 'too-superficial' or 'too-dumb' or 'too-much-to-understand', with out a second thought about how they would react.

How they react, would only add a cheese-layer to my pizza-of-observations, and make life tastier. Less healthier? Think again...


Powerslave said...

This post is like a mirror to my personality...

Keep 'em coming!!

Priyanka Tadipatri said...

@ JD: It should be obvious by now, that it is a mirror to any personality. It is so simple and natural to relate to it, I myself find it amazing when I read it, over and over again.