December 19, 2009


I have always been very careful with the word 'friends'. There are people, and then there are friends. People come, people go. But, friends come and nourish you with a value, get nourished in return and stay as a part of you. It doesn't matter how long the companionship lasts. It doesn't matter what they do for you, and what they don't, until you are sure they possess the value you adore. You might not talk on the phone for long hours, you might not meet everyday to say hi, you might not remember their birthday. But, it wouldn't matter.

I believe that the kind of friends one chooses defines his self. If one looks for a value, I am sure he has one part of him that adores that value and so eventually the value becomes a part of him.

They say friends are like the shadow. I cannot seem to agree. Friends are more like mirrors. Mirrors of what goes on in your mind. They reflect what you like. They might not reflect you; and this is very important to know. We need not be similar to the people we like; if it were so, we could as well have no friends at all. We might always have common interests; after all there needs to be a platform to interact and understand.

Love, is another such thing. I heard this word more than ten times in the last twenty four hours. From some mad-forwarded SMS to the scroll on the Music channel, everyone wants to define love and be influenced by it. Everyone seems to want to love. Everyone seems to want to be loved. Loved for what, why and how, we don't seem to clarify to ourselves. Love seems to be in the air, and every other wrong place. We love people for who they are, and that is a moral necessity.

What we love is again a mirror to how we think. And just saying "I love you. Please love me too." doesn't evolve into actually loving. And what in hell kind of a statement was that?! How could people love on request?

It isn't surprising that I find myself out-of-place with such remarks and language. I have always felt it. What is surprising is the remarkable level of foolishness around, that only seems to grow with unbound acceleration, second by second. I can't help but think about it.

I can't help but write about it.

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