September 9, 2009

Time is only in the head, I know...

I try to sleep, I close my eyes,

wipe clean, a mind full of melting memory

I try to think of something else, lesser

bother I could always bargain.

The last row of light rays that flash

right across my face, and my sight

The first conscious breath of air just

before I realize, it was all a dream

Have the same meaning i cant escape

Afterall, it is the one absence that

inflames this intolerable presence

of the thing, one thing I dread.

I so well run out of words,

though I hate to admit

I so well run out of things to do,

think, worry about or see

A future I imagine is still intact

A little lesser farther than yesterday

Far, neverthless it still stands, as if

teasing me, with the long way between.

I will someday get there I assume,

if not in reality, I my fancy show,

If it is just the time I abhor,

Time is only in the head I know.


Powerslave said...

Nicely written. Poetry is tough! and U are good at it! :D

jaishu said...

it surely is....!!
kewl... pleasure , it was to read thru...!!