April 11, 2009

The Carrot Moment!

I don't know what made me scroll through the age old dumps of my cupboard, only to find my childhood slam book. A scrapbook full of comments from friends at school, asking me to "be what I am"... and "get well ahead in life"...(just with their own good wishes?). I don't know how many of them really meant what all they said about me; as far as I realize, I was never the well-loved-one at school. I was aloof and though I ran around with peers, I never made friends there.

Well, all that was crap. What amused me most was this part of the slam book, which asked people for their most embarrassing moment in life. I found it funny, all the misunderstanding my classmates carried about that word. Some thought it was about 'the most unhappy moment', while some others deciphered it as the 'most frightening instance'. Don't ask me why. Maybe, back then, even I thought 'The most Embarrassing Moment', was the 'Moment of utter pain and suffering'... I am not sure. Thinking about the most embarrassing moment of my life till now, I find it an absolutely easy task to figure out what. I know readers here would be dying to read on quickly to get to the next paragraph, but well, it takes some patience to learn about something so amusing! :-P

This was an occurrence in the second year of my engineering at MVSREC. I was hosting the Technical Quiz, for the College Annual Technical Festival. I had had a very sweet day till then; I had won some CAD contest ( And was about to get a little cash ;-)), and I was saved from the wreck of participating in the Quiz; Thanks to someone who pushed me into hosting it. I was certainly a good Quiz-master, for I had all the answers right-up-my-sleeve. Trust me, it is dead simple to have the cards in hand and make the participant look like a fool. That was what I was doing.all the while :-D

Then comes the wonderful Question! And, no one knows the answer; except me of course. I was the know-all. And pat came the answer.

The Answer that no one could get, is... THE CARROT ENGINE!

Very well, I SAID THAT. It isn't difficult to guess the right answer now. It was the 'Carnot Engine'. I had someone to check me for it within the next second, a huge round of laughter in the hall; I flash a quick smile, and do away with it. No wonder, bunking classes all year round cheated me into believing that there could be a CARROT ENGINE. Not that I was clueless about the original Carnot Engine, but at that instant, something suggested to me that there could be a carrot engine as well, and I did not doubt what my eyes saw on the paper. And my eyes read CARNOT as CARROT.

Not completely my mistake! I should have been eating more carrots to help me read better than that. ;-D

Cheers and Carrots!


jaishu said...

that was a normal slip...but pretty hilarious...!!
wen ya havin da "Carrot moment "again...?
may be this time intentionally...!!(but nice way of lightenin up pplz mood ..durin a serious quiz..even if dat wasnt intentional ....)

Cindy H. said...

Just wanted to say,
You're an amazing writter

I enjoy reading your stuff very much.


Love, C

Tomz said...

good one

jus said...

This reminded me that even me and my batch mates during 10th standard deciphered "Embarrasing moment" to be a "Unhappy moment". :-)
Tx for that Priyanka!

escape_goat17 said...

really enjoyed ur blog....
this one particularly was hillarious...
keep posting....