January 26, 2009

Not never was there a time when I thought,

Get rid of you, you do not deserve

From my mind and my thought,

Not a pinch of memory should it serve.


Every time I begin to think,

For, against or about you

I feel weak about all the times when

You made me feel like you wouldn’t want to.


I don’t care if you knew it or else

I don’t even want to know more

It is bad I can’t promise myself

A little more excuse, just to be sure.


I swear, I oath to suffer you

Till the last minute of your life

Be just around you and make you feel

Just the same way; the tears I couldn’t wipe.


Last when I was annoyed; I promised myself

I should remember; be mad at you, I should,

Never though I keep that one oath,

I could never remain mad at you!


Forgiving; am I for you or for me?

For the better of me I know,

Forgetting all you said, all you did,

Not possibly, the way you made me feel.


All that lingers is that sensation, just the mood,

Not its source, neither the cause, not even the way

Reasonless, of birth and stay;

Why or for whom really, I could never say!




Karthik said...

after a long time... I have already archived it...it will be used on lot of people lot of times...hehe..

Rohit Kunal said...

Good one. Hints of ayn rand sure appear here...

sudheerds said...

depths of pain rivert back to heart and this is true...

Priyanka Tadipatri said...

@Rohit Kunal: I just started reading Atlas shrugged, and now I realize why you said it was Ayn Rand speaking!

Eleonore said...

i love it...

Luthienmoi said...


Nithyanand said...

Nice one...echoes of what I've recently been going through.Although I'm not sure about Ayn Rand--I have an allergy to her philosophy.