November 3, 2008

Rule No Rule

Has there got to be a right and a wrong
One good for all; the one proper path
Why can’t you just live by, they way you dream,
And I be free to live my route, my side…

Why do you find it all conditional, when there is
No live link to catch up by, to find
A reason complete, to compare lives
Those lives so separate, diverse and beautiful…

Your rules don’t apply to my day, yet you want
To impel and to guide me through
Procedures vague and incomplete for my senses,
By foist and by force; ‘cause you want it that way…

I am not yet weak and limp, neither am I
Shaky and confused and lost,
All I am is frustrated, ‘Cause it is
Not yet enough time till I want to choose…

Maybe I ll never choose; I don’t have to only because
It qualifies as good for one; there ain’t any good, no bad
There is my life; not a mere implication
Of an example, of what to be and the way, how!


Anonymous said...

errr.. yeah in short live and let live..dont you bother about me and try to influence me with your ideas..

Priyanka Tadipatri said...

Well, it wasn't really as simple as live and let live... I insist that one life, can not imply another life. Influence, is again another concept. You wouldn't get influenced unless, you let yourself be. You can hear from a thousand mouths, but you tend to choose; hence be influenced.

I only tried to portray my reluctance towards even listening to someone's so-called-cool-ideas.

That is what my emotions are like, sometimes. When I manage to fight them, I am quite a good listener. As a result of everything, I become highly prone to change. Though, i can never assure it would be for good. ;-)


Vinay said...

No one can really fathom the heights of english language, and one of those words I simply ADORE, is a part of your vocabulary.


"Procedures vague and incomplete for my senses,
By foist and by force; ‘cause you want it that way…"

nice lines

abhi said...

hi, priyanka..u posted a comment on my blog.. checked it only today! to the post titled, 'a loser'.. u asked me if it was a conclusion to 'the road not taken'.. i did not and cannot relate those two :D just let me know how you could, if u did.

yes, i couldn't find a better way 2 contact u but thru this box..let me know an alternative of that too! i suck at comps.