November 5, 2008

To My Blog, With Love...

Having believed that I had nothing to write, for too long, I got pissed with myself and my reluctance to try. Getting back, it now feels almost impossible to give up blogging! I love it.

I thought I could be happy, and stay

Cut off from you; oh! Far away

Remember making up my mind, not to fail;

Of never giving up my nerve, come what may.

I believed I would live content, though I always felt

A sting, an urgency to fly back to you

That I always camouflaged, under the colors 

Of the bright, mean Everyday…

Yes, I kept myself unbroken, and tried 

Even harder to overcome, flashes and streaks

Of love that, escaped to the dark, mysterious land 

Of no-one… to the world around; but I wouldn’t care.

Reality could not break me down, despite all

Loneliness and melancholy; I had

No time to help myself, or kill 

The boredom, gloom and the loss of joy.

I deep inside knew, you were my only key

To pride and bliss; to love and life,

But I would rather hurt myself, and torture, 

Than lose against one and suffer an ego-death.

You see, you won, sooner or later

I have indeed rebound; strange, you seem helpless 

To hurt; powerless to wound; I could never 

Have known, you were always there in me.

I wouldn’t dream of being there again,

Bad it was that we had to be apart, now I know

It feels crazy and mad to stay away 

From something that you so madly love… 



Vinay said...

yep its an addiction

AsnA SaleeM said...

Man, dt ws an amazng one! I sumhow felt u wrote down wht evn I wntd 2 write, :)
I loved it...

P.S: And d orgnl post is wht I posted on my blog[Carry me in ur arms]

Priyanka Tadipatri said...

@ Vinay: Does this comment have something to do, with your dislike for 'posts-without-comments'; i hope not! ;-)

@ Asna: Thanks for peeping in. I am glad i wrote something, you could relate to. :-)

(¯`•._.•[Raaji]•._.•´¯) said...

ahh... beautiful :-)

homer womer said...

love happens i know
ur feelings have a seamless flow
u shall glow glow glow

Vinay said...

no..not really..Jus that if i took the pain to read somethin, a comment is just a click away. So thats the rule. I dont read if i won't comment