October 13, 2008

Confused? Think again!

Just another encounter, with someone who called me confused again. Kid!( I ll call this person Kid, from now on). No. This wasn't the first ever time since the dinasaurs disappeared from this planet, that I have been verbally scathed for being confused. People, in general like calling others confused. Reasons are wildly many.

They feel Happy. Now, thats sadism; in the case that the 'confused' is offended. They feel Proud. How well he knows exactly what he wants; his victim doesn't.
They feel Relieved. Ah! you're never alone; wouldn't afford to be.
They feel Human. Calling names, is a human instinct, ain't it?

Now, pin-point why Kid thinks I am confused. It thinks I am looking into too many options for a career. I d like to plunge into Marketing and Advertising. I love writing; so, I want to take it seriously. I also want to take up a course that would help me work across cultures. And in the end, if there is someone ready to pay me for travelling; I would die once to take that up too.
I want to do all of these.

Now, I should better be clear. I WANT to do ALL of these. I am NOT trying to CHOOSE between them. Not all at once, surely, but I would work in each of these fields, for some part of my life.

These are things i like doing. Now, where does 'Confusion' fit in?

Confused are people, who think about options they re not informed about. Not people who like many things!Confused are people who are trying to choose between stuff; where they aren't sure which would make them happiest.Confused would be people who select by rejection. I select by choice.

Confused; are not people who know what their options are. People who know what their options are... are planners.
Kid, I am planning.


Karthik said...

can i know who called u confused...haha

Priyanka Tadipatri said...

Ah! Thats a routine now. Mom, is the first person; too long, yet in that misconception. Friends, follow very faithfully. ;-)

But what actually made me finish off writing this post was that, an acquaintance said one of my posts suggested that I was confused. I remember, I did ask him to think again. Only, I wanted to make sure, the rest of those who wanted to give me that comment get a part of my brain, in healthy advance! ;-)

Thanks for being here. :-)

Priyanka Tadipatri said...

Karthik: Ah! Thumu karthik is you?
Err... I didn't go through your profile, before replying to that comment of yours. You must admit, you got pretty common a name.

And, as well, you got a pretty common an idea about my stability of mind! ;-P
The 'acquaintance' I spoke of in my previous comment, was you. Hadn't enough hope, you would check my blog out.

Thanks again. :-)
Do keep coming back!

Karthik said...

yaa sure.. i will come back... ur posts are seriosly intersting.... they connect with ppl... like no other blogger does....gr8 goin