July 7, 2008

A Flashback Episode.

“Confidence comes not from always being right but from not fearing to be wrong.”

I couldn't’t possibly agree more with this.

This is one story that reminds me of my actual self. Smart beyond limits. But yes, that was fifteen years rewound on my life's cassette. Back to early stages of my school life. Call it pre-school rather. No denying the fact, sharpness blunts with time, like the color of bright blue shirts that fades in layers with every wash, no matter what the quality of the brand u choose, no matter who you are, or how exceptional. I am not completely, ‘what-I-used-to-be’.

And the amount of confidence that I showed up with was cute for that age; sounds cool now.

I was around 5 years of age. Kindergarten. We were asked to learn by heart, a few rhymes. And I, as I was, the disobedient, unsubmissive idiot, did not mind to do it.
And the inevitable day arrived. I wasn’t prepared the least. Mom was left worrying in the kitchen that I would certainly get reprimanded, and would be back home, drenched in tears.

12 noon. And I am home. Jollier than ever. A spirit of happiness, just the same as on any other day. Mom is happy in the second place, and surprised in the first. Unable to hold her curiosity, about how I could manage things all right; she dives onto me, with a hundred questions.

“So, the teacher did not ask the rhymes, eh?”
“No. She did.”
“You made false excuses to get out of the class?”
“No. I didn’t.”
“Ah! You learnt them, in the small-break? Cool”
“Na! I didn’t.”
“So, how did you answer them?”
“I didn’t.”
“What then?”
“She was asking the whole group questions. I lifted my hand eagerly as if I held the answers, each time. She believed I knew them. She gave others a chance. They couldn’t answer, and got beaten up. I didn’t.”


Now, you know what I meant when I said,

“Confidence comes not from always being right but from not fearing to be wrong.”

That was me. Today, I am not ‘completely’ what-I-used-to-be. But a part of me is still giftedly sharp and quick.

The part of me that closes eyes to the traffic-police trying to hunt his favorite ‘no-helmet’ victims. Just ignore confidently, they don’t even worry to pull you out.

The part of me that manages people at college, to increase my attendance percentage to the very necessary 65%, from something around 30%. Don’t beg. Show confidence. They listen to it. They actually listen to perfect silence. Confident silence.

Now, you know where it all started.


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NyN said...

mechukovaali...nd 2 tel frankly..2 b confident u need to hav lots uf guts...nd i can c it a lot in u...keep it up buddy....