May 6, 2008

Don't you ask me to say, what u wanna hear,
Don't you ask me to do, what u wanna see,
Don't u ask me a thing; with a thing already in mind,
I donno a shit, what u claim; what u think behind.

If u get a fleck of note, take it,
Coz u have asked for just that, before i gave it,
An unpleasant remark, but with honesty; If u aren't taking it,
I wouldn't have lingered around a choice, i could never have made.

You know what you wanna hear,you hear what you want to,
You know what you wanna see,you see what you want to,
You ask if you re good, and i say, you probably aren't,
You don't like it when you hear what you don't like.

Then why trouble me with a thought,
No, two actually; My answer to what u ask,and what is that
u would entertain; I aint telling no lies; Not till i know,
Which one do u wanna know; Tell me before I say it right.


lucfier said...

hii you have a pretty nice blog ...
keep blogging good to see another techie in here and i hate college too i dnt know if i 'll like my job or not :) happy blogging

Ezekiel 25:17 said...

Hi priya,
This seems to reflect the theme of our last conversation :). Points to note
1. Try not to lose momentum. Your previous blog was very creative and in hindsight this blog would be shadowed. So strive for "continnual" improvement.
2. Just run the text of your blog through some spell check engine to avoid any possible typos that might creep in.


Priyanka Tadipatri said...

Hey People.
@ Lucifier: Thanx a lot for being here. U have a good time blogging too.

@Praveen :Hey! Atlast i got you to jot down a comment for my blog. Thank You.

Well, this was no straight reflection of any single conversation. It was in fact, a medley of events and talks that i bounced into, in the past few days, which got these points outta my mind.
And yeah, i do use a spell and grammar check on my posts everytime, before i click 'publish'. Helps me keep the posts errorless. :)
Errors creeping in, is therfore, less probable, but possible nevertheless; like the one u've noticed. (I'm still searching for that typo! Where is it?)

P.S. : Blogger itself offers a not-bad spell check. You have perhaps not made note of it. This at your mouse point, correction is just a click away! :)

Keep coming back :)

Ezekiel 25:17 said...

hey peers, say cheers as long as Pri is here's of course i will be forced to visit this blog and reinforce my skills without running around the hills and payin' no bills. Pri just spills the words for two thirds of ya all nerds, in other words.I grace myself in and out itself saving all she says until i run of out disk space at intergalactic pace. Phew after all this place is the only way to break my solace

Tomz said...

Pri..nice poem..
but y did u nt follow the rhymes dat u intended to do in the first a few lines

Priyanka Tadipatri said...

Hey Tomz.
I intended to keep the flow consistent, and maybe, not the rhyming. :) Thanks for being my most regular reader. :)