July 16, 2008

05 July, 2008.Osmania University Campus, Hyderabad. Students of various engineering colleges affiliated to OU call in for a strike against the management.

Reason: Students who do not clear, subjects of 1st year, are detained from getting into the 3rd year of the course work.
Demand: The strike would not be called off until and unless, the rule is backed down. They demand ‘justice’.

Tens of arguments have been raised in the while of the last ten days regarding the issue. These are possibly the answers I would have given, had I had to. I hope that my readers are mature enough to understand and respect my individuality and right to opinion. Each single syllable written down is my brain child, and purely my solo viewpoint. I do not intend to hurt any person, but in the case I do so, I do not regret it.
Our seniors were given more number of chances to take the papers. We are given just three. We need justice. (By the way, “WE WANT JUSTICE”, was one of the slogans used.)

The rule has been passed in the December of 2006, that was way back when you were in 1st year. You ought to know of the rule, and work accordingly. You failed to either understand the rule, or to act in a way to show you understood. I think this is ‘justice’.
Well, yes, if you intend to ask for ‘mercy’ and call it ‘justice’, for the sake of your egos, I have no answer to give.
We don’t need to clear courses of a professional course, in one attempt. 13 papers in one attempt are too tough to crack.

Well, why does every student want to be an engineer? There are other courses, which demand less of you. You think that is a better pattern, then you should have chosen it. And then, I don’t think students are anyone to decide, “The need”, the management does it. And it has done it.

We have students, who have cleared all subjects in their 2nd year, but could not clear a course of the 1st year. What do you say about them?

If it had to be a ‘relative’ measure, of passing of exams, there was no need of holding so many different exams. One exam would have been enough, and sufficient. If subjects were so similar in content and procedures, we would have had one single exam paper. Guess, why so many papers? Because, every course is different. And it is required of the students, to excel each one of them, to be successful engineers.

We do not trust the evaluators; results from the university are always negative.

In that case, you shouldn’t have joined the course, in the first place. There a set of rules and regulations, that we sign before getting admitted to college. I understand, u haven’t read them properly, before signing them off. Moreover, the system; every system, for that case, is based on ‘mutual trust’. We trust in our lecturers, that they d give us the best of information. They trust in the students, that we do our work efficiently. We trust in the system, for giving us what we deserve. You flunk your exams, against their trust, and now say you don’t trust them? Exceptions to a rule formed usually.
Now, it looks like, a rule needs to be created for all those ‘exceptions’

There is a student, who took 5 attempts to clear a paper of mathematics. He was trained for IIT-JEE, and was a topper all through school days. He scored an 80% aggregate, but for that one paper. Now, you know, correction is really bad.

Well, but how many times, would you blame it on the ‘correction’?
I would not say, that person was a fool, if he could not clear the mathematics paper. He could actually, be a genius. But then, the truth of the matter is that, he did not know the trick of clearing that one paper. Every single subject, demands something different out of the student. This one, just the same.

And as I said before, if the 80% he scored in the rest papers could defend him, against this paper of mathematics, I would as well, choose to write 13 papers of English, instead of 13 different subjects. It would need to mean the same.


Students in colleges affiliated to JNTU, do not have to study, subjects not related to their main-stream. We have to, and we flunk. This is not fair.

Yes. This is not fair.
Students in JAC*s, take almost double the number of examinations as we do. This is unfair too.
Students from many JAC*s suffer from a lack of proper laboratories, faculty, libraries et al. This is unfair too.
50% of the students in JAC*s do not get placed, from the campus. This is unfair too. But, they do not complain.

* JAC- JNTU affiliated college.
I can probably speak of ten more points, but I guess, I made clear, what I mean. Comparison between the two systems is illogical. Their ways of working are far different from each other. Just, the purpose is the same; building engineers.

Strangely enough, there was this argument to add to all the discussion. (From someone, not amongst detained candidates)

“You know, these rules are made in such a way, that we are actually tempted to break them! :D”

Ah! Now, this wasn’t funny. You suffer from this syndrome called blame-anything-but-yourself. Commit the most foolish blunder; blame it on the community. Act the stupidest way; blame it on the group. That’s exactly what we always try doing right!
Spit on the roads, guiltlessly, and proudly say… Hyderabadi Ishtyle!
Litter around, and say… That’s just Indianism. Why thrust your bag of mistakes onto others shoulders. They are your challenges, face them. Else, give up. But the solution isn’t that you do it, just because, everyone else does it. Or the least, you think everyone does it so.

Grow up and learn to face the fruits of your deeds, all by yourself. Face them, with courage. Not by blaming it onto an undefined set of people, just because, that makes you happy.

Life doesn’t end here. But it would certainly stop evolving into something better, when u deprive yourself a chance to note your mistakes. Unless, you learn from mistakes, you can never aim to reach higher. But, the first step to learning from mistakes, lies, in accepting them as one’s own. Once, this is done, things fall in place, all by themselves. Accepting mistakes, doesn’t make one ‘modest’, it only makes one ‘honest’. And honesty to oneself is far more satisfying than being granted of the ‘justice’ you are trying to demand.



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jaishu said...

[b]...hey ..those were sensible comments..(some may go bonkerz aftr goin thru...espclly detained folkz...)...given da fact dat many of ur frndz r on da othr side of thngz..n still it didnt deter u frm postin this blog...kinda amazes me...kudos for darin to speak ur mind...!!!!n well....it so true ...damn't dis is engg...we need to raise our stndrdz....imagine..wat use itz gonna be if someone somehw gets thru n doesnt actually have enuff skill to go pro....it'll not make any damn diffrnce of havin a degree or not havin un...!!so wat i say is skillz be given more prominence dan da degree...n worldz gonna be a gr8 place to live if etleast some folkz realize dis...!!!