July 24, 2008

Ignorance isn't Bliss any longer.

I always thought politics sucked. I am right against the idea of the democratic government in our country; an incompletely-defined bunch of no-ones deciding upon a set of rules, good and bad, for all. I call them no-one, because, they do not essentially ‘represent people’, in a country like India, where the price of a vote, is a packet of chilled beer or a set of couple tickets, for a chartbuster movie. And then, the idea of ‘common good’ sounds crap to me, after having been an admirer of Ayn Rand, for a few months now. Result; I still think politics suck.

After the voting for and against the UPA govt., in connection with the acceptation or turning down of the nuclear coalition of India, with the US, in the Parliament, I only hated Indian politics even more. It is not really the people that irritate me. It is their ignorance. It is their nescience towards issues, as delicate as this one that annoys me.

In an interview, with a local news channel, a TRS party leader, on being asked, “Why are you voting against the ruling party, in this election?” very confidently replies, “Because, they did not meet our demands, of creating a separate state for Telangana.” That is the state of knowledge of what the deal means, and how important a vote could be.

How could a person, who holds himself responsible and representative of a huge mass of general public, afford not to be in knowledge of what exactly he was doing, and why! He voted against, the UPA; more because, he had to pull the government down, by hook or by crook. And here, he found the chance. Not because, he felt the need to stop the nuclear deal.

And then, the ‘democracy’ involved. The slight majority which, Indian representative body, realized, to sign the deal with the US, isn’t probably justified to be a right decision. I do not conclude, it was a wrong decision, but I am neither very sure that it is the right one. Now, can we afford to be ignorant of the value of such an important foreign deal? How could we allow a few votes of people, half of who were illiterate and doubtful about the case, and most of who were seemingly influenced by bribes of many sorts, to decide, what India and US are going to be?

I think a panel of scientists, political critics, social enthusiasts and learned men, would have given better justice to the election, than this set of ‘representatives’ we have!
And the only second better way would have been a toss of a coin. But, not biased election.

These are times, when I realize, Ignorance could be bliss to the ones holding it. For those who face the results this ‘bliss’, it is shitty hell.


Anonymous said...

Against democratic government in India? What do you suggest as an alternative?

Priyanka Tadipatri said...

@Anonymous: The best government is that, which interferes least. I think, no government at all should be ideally the best. The only second best form of rule i can think of is absolute dictatorship. Either complete freedom, or unadulterated bondage.

P.S.: I would be happy, if you could afford to leave your signature, next time. :) Thanks for your comment anyway.

karthik said...

hey d same title.... i wondered for a while reg d where abouts of you and d probability of an anonymous soul visitin my blog further could dare to drop a comment hehe :)

bingoo... go onn !


Priyanka Tadipatri said...

@Karthik: Thanks so much for stepping in. Now that u have, i hope you ll come back. Many times. :)