April 30, 2008

6 Genuine tips for weight reduction. :D

In my battle against my own weight, that has lasted for something around three years now, this is some knowledge, I earned the hard way.

Tip1 : 'Enroll' yourself into some health betterment programme. A gym, Yoga training, or an Aerobics class.
It might sound too obvious, but this is something, people tend not to do.
If not for the direct consequence of the programme, u might at least end up, working out a little; those thin,skinny girls who ( dunno why! ) attend these classes, are enough capable to leave u dissatisfied with yourself, no matter what! Good for u in a way. Competition is the mother of hard-work.
Enroll, That is all said.

Tip2: Always buy just one recharge card for your mobile. That too of the lowest possible value.
You are certain to walk up and down to the store, when you are in need of one. Even better for girls, who spend half their lives in front of the mirror, without the cell-phone, and the rest, with the cell-phone.( Yes! in front of the mirror.).

Tip3: Avoid pastes and powders of high fat stuff. ( Like cocoa, dry-fruit powder, cashew-paste etc.,). These end you up, ignorant of how much you consume. Instead, have full dry-fruits, chocolates. For someone trying to burn fat down, this acts as a constant reminder.Even better, if could keep a count of how many chocolates u eat. This adds to your worry about it, and you might start working out.

Tip4: Study. Your brain burns energy ten times faster than physical work does.
This is the toughest of all the ways,(Phew!) but is highly effective and has special added effects. If not slimmer, u might end up being the class topper.

Tip5: Develop traffic-phobia; Tell yourself a hundred times everyday, you are frightened of driving. You cannot sit at home, without getting things done. And someday, you ll start walking down to every " I'd-rather-drive-to" place.

Tip6: Commit yourself publicly to a "i will put down weight, in the near future" Resolution, (Just like i am doing!) This is probably the most genuine reason, u would want to cut the crap from your body.



mandy_rhtdm said...

.... :)

Ezekiel 25:17 said...

Hi priya. Very creative indeed. Loved this article, few observations however and hope you will appreciate.

1. Traffic-Phobia == Amaxophobia
2. The order of your tips could have been sorted as to have a maximum emphasis. for instance Tip six could have placed higher up coz its the easiest/spontaneous way to develop weight consciousness.


Priyanka Tadipatri said...

@ Praveen: Hehe...
Amaxophobia noted. :)

The order of tips was what i felt was the best. Of course, i spent time thinking about what needed to go first. :)
Tip 6, was supposedly, the 'last but not the least' kinda point. So, the emphasis should've been made. :)

Thanks for the suggestions however. :)
P.S.(Personal script): Dude, enable acces to your profile. Im dying to read from your page. :)

Rathna said...

Hey Priyanka..
Really an detailed one on tips for weight reduction..Will try to act as per some tips, not definetely all the 6 of them :( and will let u know soon whether it has had any effect on me..

Kudos to ur research on weight reduction..