January 16, 2008

My Driving-License!!....

Well..i shud have better started off with, 'in hope of' my driving license, to be true and honest.Call it my 'lazy'ness( as mom does) or 'busy'ness ( as i do), in the end i dont have a driving license.

I dont have a driving license, in spite of having had the learner's license twice. Both times, it expired before i went for the test. Or maybe, i got a li'l too late! :D

The first time i managed to 'pass' the test, for getting a learner's ( without even taking it.Reason-system failure in the department), i made up my mind, that i wud go for the driving test immediately after the minimum learning time they assume; 30 days.

I start off day 1; trying to ride my (black!!) Activa.To my bro's utter distress and furiousity I smashingly run the vehicle into a Maruti Van.It was then, that he took for granted that i wudnt ever learn driving in life, gave up his hopes to teach me. He left for the US., a few weeks later.

Once he left, it became more of a necessity, than a choice for me, to learn driving. Gettin back from college at 6 30, going to the grocery or the e-seva, then...walking...seemed terrible.I learnt driving quite well, but forgot about the day 31. It went....and so did days 60 and 90. after which the learner's license was no longer valid!

After an year and a half, i convinced a friend to take me to get another learner's license, ( and another three months for 'practise' time.) .

Got it!

To my delight, others' envy and everyone's surprise, without the test again. The police-wala-uncle took the test for me.I needed to get 12 right on 20 MCQs. He answered the first 12, and
gave me the mouse. i finished the test.My score was 12 on 20! :D (No regrets! Bad preperation, i dint deserve a better score!! :D)

But again, very much like the first time, i met with an accident , and did not turn up for the second part, because of low-confidence.

So, at the end of it all...this is what i got.

1. No license.
2. Bad confidence in driving.
3. Two learner's licenses...; which hold no importance.(except that, my foto in the second one was cute.)

Alls well that ends well...
and if it not .......Abhi toh, picture baaki hai! ;)

-In hope of getting a proper license, very soon.


Tomz said...

Priyanka..your best post so far..like it...i don remember how many times i was teased by the guy who taught me two wheeler at the institution

Fixxxer said...

This post takes me down memory lane , to my personal experiences at the RTO office. However, procuring a license isnt a mammoth task. I wish you luck in your endeavour towards this .

Priyanka Tadipatri said...

@Tomz: long time! thanx for revisiting :)...keep coming back often.

@Attitude fixxer: Thanx a lot dude, for taking out time.
Well..thanx for the wishes too. i hope i ll get my licence soon! :D...lol..

homer womer said...

u have learner i m not moving nypart of my body to get it also must learn from u

hats aaf

sravani said...

priyanka...that was a gud one..keep going gal!!

chakri said...

driving!!ante swimming lantidi choose tappudu bagane untunduni kani nadipe tappude badaga untundi!!!!!!meanings adakku!!i know u r good and best in every learning thing!!

Karthik said...

hahahaha.......seriosly funny.... so u got it now....