June 22, 2012

In the silent of the dark...

It is here that I always wished
I had a story to tell and a song to sing
I wished I knew what it would be like
To be there, in your place and see you in mine...

I wished you could see the world like I did
Understood how foolish you look to me
Why and when I shouted and wept
I wish you could see, you did hurt me

I wish I could show you how
I smiled secretly to myself now
I am not you and will never be
Perhaps we are better of not knowing and unknown

I think about it with sanity and mind
I worry about how we would manage
I can never see how things would be alright
I can never see if you would ever understand

It seems like it doesn't matter no more
It feels like it is the only thing that did
I trust it will never change - what you feel for me
I wish you would change the things you did

It is in the dark that I wonder about it
Hazed out, wishing I could see stars in the open sky
In this closed room and a closed mind, my eyes shut
Only wishing and knowing that the day would be bright