May 27, 2012

Difficult day at work? Telling myself these, helped me...

  • Work is where we spend 70% of our overall time, we might as well be happy- (My boss tells me this)
  • Your happiness quotient directly affects your efficiency- you want to deliver good work
  • Laugh a lot- Those who are not nice to you would know they don't matter enough and those who make an effort are glad
  • There is something you learn at every point, you're growing into a better person- your market value has increased
  • Happier work is something you won't regret spending some extra time on
  • Nothing is permanent. People move on, your environment moves on. YOU, will move on
  • Work is not so important that you need to be unhappy about it. You could be happy about it, but definitely not unhappy
  • Whether you're happy or sad, the week moves and the Friday comes
  • Your work is its own reward


saurabh srivastava said...

what an inspiring quotes well said
like it keep it up...........

saurabh srivastava said...

what an inspiring quote people should learn it at stress time
keep it up