January 11, 2012

Random Stuff 2

Moving on...
It is extremely difficult to live in a new place. However friendly and supportive it might be! You would know that only when you finally move on. It is however good to know to move on. Life has to be taken and lived in stages. Every stage has its own importance and its own set of lessons to teach. Being stuck at one stage, for whatever reasons, would devoid you of a lot of possible experiences!

To me, wriitng has been an essential everyday activity. At least till a couple of months back. I reaslized that I needed to write in order to be able to live exactly like I wanted; detached. Writing, often helped me cope with my emotions. Writing, more than a hundred times, got me clarity about the stuff around me. Writing told me of things I have never really known before actually having written them down.

Honestly, I haven't 'writing' written in ages now. All I refer to is the 'typing' writing. I cannot comment if it is a good thing or bad, that I cannot seem to really write in a straight line today, as a result of having not-written for more than two years!

I wonder if teachers at schools today need to worry about making kids' hand-writings 'neat'. It wouldn't matter anymore. Once out of school, they would probably never write again! Then, why teach them writing in the first place. I strongly feel that kids should be taught to 'type' at school, so they wont have to seperately learn it at home.

Also, I worry about graphologers. They must be beginning to feel so insecure about their jobs!

Kids, they cry a lot. They scream, do not eat on time, do not let you sleep and always want all the wrong things to choke themselves. But when they re not yours, they are sweet as honey. Sometimes, kids tell you a bed-time story, share their chocolates with you, keep the secret that you cried in front of them, and give you pocket money because you don't have a job.

I always thought that kittens were nicer, but I must admit that kids are very nice too. (I still stick to it that, they re not your own... and given, they do not grown up!) :D

Movie Magic...
I really understand why they named it thus. Movies are magical aren't they! Three hours of entering a new world that would practically have no consequence on your life, but would definitely change the way you look at your circumstances.

Movies make you laugh, cry and think. Most movies have an impact- good or bad. Those which do not, are the bad movies.

My Blog...
I love my blog. For more reasons than I can tell. I write a lot here. And when I don't, I miss it. So, it is as if I am thinking about it always- in its presence and absence. Isn't that what love is all about? ;-)

Will be back with more Random Stuff whenever I think about things good enough!

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