November 3, 2010


Do you wish to tell me,
That you need to close
Your eyes from seeing the light,
Fail those hands, which held me tight.

In pain and worry,
You were the strength,
When I walked, I looked ahead,
You screamed, that I was right.

Of course, if not for that,
I never would have reached,
even this point in time,
When I would think, if I should
happily give away, or cunningly leech.

Should I steal, from whom would I?
Should I beg, for what that is not mine?
Should I wait in wanting of a freedom which
I was born to have, live with and die.

Do you wish to make me fight?
Against everything that I always did detest,
Do you think I would care?
Or is it what I love, that I have
To defeat, kill and rule.

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