October 15, 2010

Life through tinted glass...

I got out of my room. It was 6.00 pm. I liked the color of the new paint on the walls of the living room. It looked duller and better composed (than the bright pink, which, for ten years, reminded me of the bengalis; their sweets and sadis). And emptier, as we still were setting up the furniture, after the color redo.

Mom gave me that look, which stirred up my memory, of the promise I had made to take her shopping. I flashed an assuring nod, though not too ready for it. She smiled. I relaxed.

I was already beginning to feel a little gloomy, and the dim evening did not seem to promise anything good either. Twenty minutes of putting stuff together- credit cards, cash, lists- and feeding the cats done, we walked out of the room whose air was saturated with the smell of the paint, and locked the door.

Walking through the balcony, I noticed an orange moon. It was the only second thing in the evening, that did not feel somber. The first, was the sight of the cat eating.

I wondered how beautifully the shades of the yellow-orange blushed over the deep grey of the sky, in the background. I had read somewhere, that the sky was God's own painting canvas, and now I saw it, when he probably worked up one of his choicest works.

It wasn't till now, that it struck me; I had my shades on, all the while!
I tried peeping across the contour of the glass, just too disappointed to accept that all those colors were not-so-real. They were all shades of what the world around, appeared, through a tinted glass.

But again, isn't that how we always look at the world around? Through a tinted glass, through a layer of a mood that rules our mind on that particular day, or through an impression we carry from the past, sometimes madly beyond logic and reason?

I continued the remaining part of that evening, with my glasses on. Yes.
Though I looked like a sister of one of those kool-doods at Charminar, who have their gaggules on, no matter what, I had made up my mind, to figure out what all I had, waiting, to be seen... this way!

And I did, just that.

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