May 12, 2010

Love and Hatred

Given a choice by convenience, between love and hatred, I guess I would choose hatred. Hatred is far less complicated and not too many questions/ objections are raised about why or when you hate. Unlike love, hatred doesn’t come with a value-added service, jealousy.In fact, I can prove that it is a more social phenomenon. You are free to hate as many people as you might wish, and no social/ moral/ legal/ religious obligation would face you.

You can always hate two people, and one of them wouldn’t have a problem with their possessiveness. They are accepted as being two, totally independent hatreds; unlike love which is a very dependent ‘commitment’, where, you might not love two people at the same time without pissing either or both of them off.

You wouldn’t have to express your hatred for a person for him to remember it, as often as it would take you to remind the beloved of your love. Long distance hatred relationships are never a fuss. It is comfortable actually.

Hatred doesn’t have a bar on age, nationality, language, religion, gender, marital status, blood group like love does. You are free to hate anyone you want, any intensely.

Once you hate someone, he doesn’t demand you for a promise to keep your hatred forever. He doesn’t expect anything. It is the work of a free mind. But, love always needs to last forever, to be termed as true love; or else, you re just a player.

You don’t have to live with the person you hate forever to keep the feeling alive and justified, whereas, no one will accept you into the society if you do not marry and live with the person you love. After all, your love gives them the right to rule you. And, you don’t want to face it. It doesn’t end there.

You will lose all your love-ability and adore-ability once you accept love from a person of the opposite gender. You do not deserve to be loved, nor do you have the right to love anyone else on earth once you promise the society, a tie-up with the so-called first love. But, hatred never demands it. You are always as free as you were, when born. Isn’t freedom a beautiful thing?

To love someone dearly, you must wait for your mind, heart and body to listen to you. Then you have to listen to them. When, once you are convinced that this is the perfect love of your life, you commit yourself to their acceptance. But, think about it. Hatred- it is such a free resource. You never need the other person to accept your hatred. You just hate. You simply hate. It is such a pure feeling, that you don’t wait for acceptance from the society, for admitting it.

Admittance. It is one word I really am irresistibly tempted to write about.

Above everything else, fact is that it is takes little to find hate-able people. Trust me, they are all around you. Just close your eyes and point out a finger into space, when you open your eyes, you have found your soul-mate in hatred. Isn’t love too foolish a system, when you feel like you have to wait and wait till you find the perfect one? There are never too many lovable people around.

Is there something called lovability at all? I will definitely think about this.

Hate-ability. I am sure there is.


Anonymous said...

I hate most of the people around me.I just realized that it isn't that weird.

Karthik said...

i hate that ...i wont be able to read anymore of your stuff....

Totalfeckineejit said...

Love is a temporary madness like happiness.Depression and hatred are much more reliable.

Rohit said...

haa haa... nice way to compare love and hate... and actually its a different way of looking at "HATE" as a concept....

Cens World said...

You definitely made a strong point. I can say all angles you raised are valid. There is one problem with hate though. It consumes us. It consumes our energy to live life to the fullest.

I hope you do not mind, I took the liberty to be your follower. You have an interesting site :)

Priyanka Tadipatri said...

@Cens: I wrote this, not because I never loved. I wrote it because, very often, I was told, loving was a mistake. It was just an answer to so many of those questions that added the words guilt-shame-fear-sin to love.

I hope you get it.

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