January 6, 2010

Random Stuff

I haven't been writing for very long now. There were a couple of instances when I sat on the comfortable cushion seat right in front of this number-alphabet machine, and opened this page here, but couldn't write anything. May be I am losing touch. May be it is just not in me any more. What the hell, have some patience, I ll write some sensible stuff soon.

We released a rescued Kite today. I realized what freedom could mean. Mean; not to me, but for a creature born free. We had found him helpless three weeks back, he had given up to try to fly. Blue Cross took care of him, and he got free again today.

Paper Tissues
I have recovered my cold. Yeah, you read that right. Not recovered from, but just 'recovered' the cold I was born and brought up with. Strepsils are still my favorite toffees; if at all they can be called toffees! And, paper tissues at a wholesale discount my best stuff at the store! ;-D

Dude. It actually burns in your mouth. No wonder, they made that commercial video that way.
Over all, I like it. It feels just the way Thums up feels on your gums. Ever tried that?

The Odyssey
Did you notice it is spelled as OdYssey, and not OdEssey. I just noted it. It is kind of unbelievable for reasons I dont know. It is Odyssey. Point here is, I think the Odyssey is a must read book for anyone practicing for their GRE. Too many freaking words, and too many freaking freaking words.

I found one photograph in my desk today. I realized I was girlie enough to kiss a photograph. Chinnu was the best thing that has happened to me ever. My pet pup that died a couple of months back, was the cutest thing I ever saw in life. Muah!



Fighter Jet said...

Pet pups..humm...they are realyy sooooo cuteeee.

distresseddamsel said...

It must have been your moods that prevented the words from slipping out of your mind as smoothly as it usually does. Next time you find yourself stumped again, try freewriting--filling up three pages non-stop without reading back or deleting mistakes. This is a guaranteed mindblock breaker for most writers.

Priyanka Tadipatri said...

@Distressed Damsel: Should sure try that next time. :-)

Carrie Cooper said...

Carrie @ comfortedbyGod.blogspot.com

I stumbled across your blog and immediately identified with your temporary writer's block. Some days I stare at the computer for 30 minutes before I type something, only to erase it 10 times. Writing is hard! You're obviously doing a great job!!

Divya said...

hiee... sweet way to explain simple things :)

Helen Cox said...

Sorry to hear about your dog! My dog died too recently and it was gutting. My parents bought a new one but you, of course, still miss the old ones. Don't worry about the writer's block - if you love writing you'll never lose it for good!

Victoria Stitch said...

I hate writers or artists block, I always find that the more things I try and cram into life then the more I want to draw or write and then when I actually have time to d it it doesn't happen!

jaishu said...

talkin about odyssey...!!! i just cant tell u wat it is to me..!!! it just leaves me spell bound.homer rox..!!!