December 22, 2009

The shortest day

Yesterday was December 21st. It was the shortest day of the year. That is what they say. But for me it was otherwise.

It was one day before my tool design paper, after a long ten day break. And so used am I to the last-one-day-batting, that I had to force myself to finish the whole syllabus before the short day ended.
Alright, the truth; around half the syllabus, definitely.

That kept aside, there was absolutely nothing I did, except reading a few blogs around. These days I am making it a point to read a little more from Wiki, it might shut down any day now, never to be seen again. How I wish I was earning already!

Well, coming to why I started off writing this post.

There is a campaign to be held on 24th and 25th of December. A two hour volunteer ship is asked for in the early mornings, for helping with a stray-dog census in Hyderabad. If there is anybody, who wakes up early enough and has the slightest amount of interest to contribute, please leave me an email, with your phone number. I ll get back to you.

You can also join in, if you just are interested in meeting up with me, for a couple of hours. ;-)

Thanks in advance. :-P


Fighter Jet said...

Wiki going to be closed?????? issues??

Anonymous said...


alankarshilpa said...

Other than reading you did another important thing- you wrote. You do write well. Call yourself a writer and see where it takes you.

Wish you a very HAPPY NEW YEAR- Dita from another part of the world, California