November 19, 2007


FLAVOURS! This word will remain one of my favorites in English language.That word for the title of a lovely movie , being the root to my like.

And then,in particular this word always gave scope for silent, undercover humour , in the midst of some awful experiences.Thus, keeping me steadily comfortable to take on a few of the sick and disgusting chapters , of my 'crap ,trash and nonsense' life , it spiced up situations and added 'flavours'.

Wonder how!

One fine morning,an advertisement in the newspaper caught my eye.The idea of a strawberry 'flavoured' lipstick sounded cool to me. Yea, maybe they use some 'natural ' ingriedients , for the good health of (we) girls .So, i go to the mall nearby , To get a nice lip gloss!

The over enthusiastic sales girl, who seemed to hav tried every product she was supposed to sell, with a half inch layer of face powder over her cheek and an inch thick layer of Revlon Red lip gloss, greeted me with a smile ( yes! the same fake one, they force on their teeth and lips and mouth and cheeks , always! ).I took the lip gloss, i wanted. Now, she presents to me, Revlon's New launch of hair 'strawberry ' and ' black current' Flavours (!!!!!! flavours??????!!!!!).After a day, when u get stuck up in traffic for two long hours , at the end only to realise , the bike is out of fuel ,you drag the bike to the nearest (very faaaar) petrol bunk,and stress yourself out to the bone no other idea could have surprised and amused me , to this extent!!I hardly managed , not to laugh on her face!

It was then i started wondering , how 'tasty' a hair spray cocktail could get!Ever tried?! i shall, one day!

Things only got crazier, with the word haunting me , till the next week....

Next week...when i accompanied Mom, for shopping to a small market place. She had to get some general grocery , soaps etc.. Everything said and done, just before paying off the bills , Mom realised , that she forgot taking the bathroom cleaner.And now,what happened next was dreadfully entertaining.The shop 'bhaiyya' had bathroom cleaners in three different 'flavours' ! Strawbery , Mint and something else.
I wanted, desperately, to roll on the floor laughing.(No, i didn't!)
Now, i knew, the reason behind Aarti Agarwal fancying 'bathroom cleaner' , as preferable to the more popular 'rat poison' , for killing herself (or rather, trying to kill herself). Atleast she had a range of ' flavour' choices .
I guess, strawberry is her favorite too ! ;)

Now, as if it wasn't all enough with the word, the pet-care shop has a variety of 'flavours' of dog-meal. Chocolate being the most 'sold out' . Im puzzled , even thinking of who had certified the flavours of these foods. Definitely, not a dog , that spoke out that it prefered 'chocolate' flavour to 'vanilla' or 'butterscotch'!! Then who was that (Mahaan) person, who did?!

Getting back home, out of my still-alive insanity, i googled the word! Yes, i googled it.(I find it the most engaging passtime; googling !! :D)



Flavor or Flavour (see spelling differences) is the sensory impression of a food or other substance, and is determined mainly by the chemical senses of taste and smell..................

I considered, writing to 'contact us@ wikipedia' , and telling them about the possible ,incredible usage of the word.They had definitely under estimated the margin of the word!!
(Didn't, because,(obviously), of my lethargy.)

Flavours today, are not restricted to ice creams and candies alone!They juice up, various spheres of everyday life.People like naming the choices in everything as 'flavours' .
Now , im waiting for wrist watches in black current ,or pencils in vanilla.

I dont know, how sensible this post managed to be, but if nothing else, the word catered me with high spirit, energy and not the least, a good healthy laugh, in times of immense tiredness and boredom.It deserved to get a place here!!

Understand why they said , adding Flavours to life!!


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