February 18, 2014

A time to rend, and a time to sew

This phrase reiterates its presence through the pages of a Paulo Coelho work - The Zahir, which is one of my favorite books till date. It tells that there is a time for everything, and when the the right time arrives, one is powerless to stall the result it bring along. And until, that very time arrives , any amount of struggle amounts to nothing.

While it whispers that patience is only aptly rewarded with the fruit of result, quite ironically, it screams that time waits for none. It is the beauty of words, that gives the phrase myriad meanings at the same time, and a unique purpose they are destined to fulfill.

Why all this, you might ask? Why right now?

I ask myself that too. This website that held such importance in my life for four years and suddenly disappeared, not to be thought about for an entire year.

I can think of several instances where I wanted to write, but was too lazy to open this page to do so. Maybe, the time wasn't right. There were also instances, where I told myself, that with hardly any activity, it was OK to shut it down. Guess, it wasn't the right time for that either.

However, now, at this very moment, I felt compelled to write. Not for the sake of adding a fresh link on the site, but since I felt a random nostalgia to memories recorded through multiple pages of this site.

It is a time to sew, I guess.


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