May 18, 2012

Random Stuff... the next part

Time management
I think I am beginning to lose track of how many posts I have written in this series. Not that there have been several; just that the time gap between them has been ridiculous.

"I'm being stalked. Someone always follows me home from office every evening. It is a new guy everytime, it is so organized. And sometime they even swap, so it it impossible to know!" I love this show- Coupling

My new favorite on TV these days is Chota Bheem. I can watch this cartoon over and over again and not be bored. What's even better is the laddoo special series of episodes.

Entertainment and media
I always thought Rajnikanth was created in south India. I am so sure now that it should be a Delhi-ite that recognized and encouraged that talent. Not his work really, but his omnipotence image. The northies love masala so much, I must insist.

The Rainbow
It represents all the colors of life. And how they all move in parallel beams. It also whispers about how there is a possibility of the other half rainbow remaining mysterious all the while. How there might be something equally beautiful that we might never see.

Work, respect and money
Not always will you be able to explain ups-and-downs in these to yourself. It is really not upto you to think. These are mostly dependent on someone granting them to you. Love, on the otherhand depends on whether the person is capable of loving or no; not merely whether they think you deserve or no.

Decisions and moving on
I always had a problem fitting into a place that did not make it clear that it needed me. It might be my problem to figure it out. But, it definitely becomes their problem after for once, I leave the place. These events are bound to happen. I do not regret them. The point is, whether I can clarify it in words or not, actions have reasons. And hence, I will stand by my actions.

For the fun of it
I had an important meeting in 30 minutes. But, I fancied buying that ridiculously expensive ticket for a ridiculously ridiculous 4 D show at Garuda mall. The show wouldn't play, whatever played wouldn't sync with the chair movements- yes, you heard it right, the chair moves and all that, that's why they call it 4-D-  and when finally everything else would be in form, the sound system flunks. Anyway, 350 bucks for a 20 minute show, it had to be out-of-the-world, for me to not have written something like this. What do you expect?

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