November 14, 2011

Happy Birthday!

My Birthday this year was by far the best birthday I have ever had till now. Everything was absolutely perfect- from the food I ate to the people I met this week.

 I was reading about why Ram Gopal Varma wont celebrate his birthday with any extra pomp. He quoted of one of his teachers, who apparently insulted a friend of his, who took him a box of sweets on his birthday saying," What have you done till now? What is there in your life worth celebrating?" Well, I am sure RGV found sense in those words. So he doesn't wish friends, even when he remembers the birthdays sometimes, though most of the times, he claims to really forget!

 OK. So, basically I think, being alive itself is worth the celebration. Birthday is just an excuse. For a lot of people, it is an excuse to allow themselves some luxury- great food, new clothes and a movie- far away from a ridiculously tiring routine. For some others, it might be an excuse to just catch up with some old friends for a drink. And, for a few it could be a day to pamper themselves with everything worthy in the world- even if the magic would stay, just for a day!

 I must admit, I am myself terrible with dates. I often forget my best friends' birthdays! They know me too well to complain. And they also know that when I finally remember and catch up with them, they can fuel the bill onto my burning pocket. However, whenever I remember, I surely make it a point to wish them not because (or not) they have 'achieved' anything in life, but simply because it feels good.

We celebrate so many festivals here, and there is always a treat for the soul. There are different ways of showing to the world that we are happy, during these festivals- lamps, colours, food, crackers or flowers! When we can be happy for one of those Gods' birthdays, why not celebrate our birthdays too!

 Or, speaking very scientifically, it might just be a moment to remember that the Sun, the Earth and the Moon were in a pretty similar position, on that day, when we were carefully landed into this wonderful world full of life! What a joyful coincidence!

 I think, celebrating birthdays is merely an excuse for celebrating our very presence on this earth. It is perhaps, celebrating the essence of being here.
It is perhaps, celebrating life itself!

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