October 17, 2011

Broken pieces of my mind

It has been a while since I wrote anything here. I have been saving notes as text messages every now-and-then, when I felt like I had something to write. A month of such notes and today I read them all. I do not remember having written anything of that sort. Mindless!


I wrote a note about why I, like everyone else around, still seemed to crave competition. Hasn't it today, become a part of our everyday life? Or, I wonder, if I am being too un-creative to ignore the fact that only the fittest survived life on earth; ever. Think of people who claimed that there was enough for everyone's need on earth (To later add - "But not for everyone's greed"). Why then, does every being compete?

The thought, returned to me while I was driving back home. I got a minor delight when I crossed past a slower vehicle. When I realized my delight, out of my usual curiosity to analyze its genuineness, I asked if it all made sense at all? The driver had begun at a different place. He was heading to a different place. We had different vehicles and different priorities. Above all, we had different paths. Why then, do I momentarily feel better, having overtaken his vehicle?

Then I brood over, how it is the same about our lives too. We all begin and end at different points. Our lives are mere encounters with other lives. We exist today and would do so for another bunch of years. And then, we disappear. Happiness, achievement and success would mean nothing. If only, the point in time- now- did not exist.

But it does, so, I guess, our life is explained!


I saw this movie long back. I do not remember the name or the actors. Well, I am not even too sure if it was a movie at all. Maybe, I had read it somewhere and made up an illusion of a video. Surprisingly, the words I remember are pretty clear somehow...

She said," Are you trying to tell me that his love for me would not last forever? Stop trying. I know it. And what is fabulous is that I understand it better than you do. All I want you to know, further, is that it doesn't matter, for today he is madly in love with me. In anticipation of an unknown future, I cannot ruin what I have now. What follows, follows."


An interview question- "What is the one word with which you would describe yourself?" I answered, "Tolerant"

As a result of that answer, and several others, I had gotten that job. I did not take it for some reasons. But today, I am glad. I wouldn't have fulfilled what I had promised.

Now, I know that I am by far the most intolerant person I know!


Environment is no longer just an optional subject in college useful for scoring a better grade. It is probably a great industry to work in. It is also probably a new field to learn and research. It is probably a great new arena of opportunities. It is also a cool 'word' to associate with. It makes you sound grown up that you are environment-conscious.

I wonder, where Environment was hiding all these millions of years while we got busy making fire, inventing the wheel, beginning to hunt, forgetting and re-learning to swim, inventing marriage, building colonies, ruling worlds, making world peace (and love), creating countries, fighting for freedom and finally looking for jobs... 

Did we have an Environment, all this while? Where was the environment, I wonder...


I think the city's traffic manners suck, totally!

He overtakes from the left, on a dangerously narrow road at 60 kmph.
He honks at people waiting for the signal to turn green from red. In fact, I sometimes think he isn’t tested for colour blindness. The amber colour looks green to him.
He stops and parks on turnings.
He definitely takes all lady-bike-riders for granted. “She’ll wait.” “She’ll stop.” “She’ll slow down”
In fact, these days, even she thinks while crossing the road, “She ought to stop and let me walk first”


Chance encounters

Thanks to the Telangana/ RTC bandh that seems endless, roads have, for a long while now been ripped off public transport. No buses. Auto-walahs are expecting exorbitant pays. I shouldn't blame them either, I guess, they say they're paying three times the price for fuel nowadays.

Okay, point anyway is that I have decided to help people with lifts on my Activa, whenever and where-ever possible. I think, we should all keep helping and moving around. 

And trust me, you ll get to meet really interesting people from interesting and interesting destinations. 

Also, I think it is time we show nothing is really going to stop us. Not the RTC bandh, definitely!


Speaking about the bandh reminds me of something my boss was speaking about. 
Creative Dharnas.

He was saying that the parties involved should now get creative to prove their points. They should do something that would affect the government but not the common-man's routine. Difficult it is to think of one such thing, because you know, in the end, even if it is RTC that’s bearing the loss, we must remember that it is all our money. It is public money. 

Anyway, can someone actually think of an efficient Creative Dharna?


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