February 25, 2011

It is all in the head!

That exam alone isn't life!

I heard a lot of similar words of comfort, a month after I was done writing the so-called 'most difficult engineering entrance exam' of the country. IIT-JEE. The fact that I did not get through, didn't disappoint me more than the irritation that hit me, after I disappointed those who thought I would!

Then I went to college, and I heard that topping the class alone wasn't life. I got my first backlog. I had lots of fun and was enlightened about why life, is not all about fun. More gyaan followed, to add to the list of things, which-alone weren't life. The list is continuing to grow.

Surely, nothing alone, is life!

Neither a person, nor an achievement; neither your favorite piece of clothing nor a sexy trip to a hill station; neither a cry of joy nor a disappointing moment; neither a dying loved one nor a new love; neither a lost gold chain nor finding a really close old friend back on facebook; not anything 'alone' could ever last life-long.

Life is more of a process than an activity, where only a mix-and-match combination of good and bad, luck and work, joy and sorrow, right and wrong make sense. As I look at it now, I have lived 22 years. (Okay, 23). And I will live probably 23 more. And then, it wouldn't really matter if ever, I had existed.

The only thing that probably lasts is the past. A memory, made to remember- people, places, things, experiences, thoughts and feelings. Like a photograph. From a past. Inside my head.

Now, what is life?

Where is life?

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Kold_Kadavr_flatliner said...

Fact is, dude, I’ll croak, you’ll croak, all of U.S. will croak someday at sometime somewhere; then, we must face the King of the Universe, Jesus, to determine whether we achieve Heaven. My point is, don’t get so caught-up in this passing earth you lose your immortal soul. PS I gave up my hard-won, black belt to fight for Heaven. Wotya gonna give up, brudda? God blessa youse -Fr. Sarducci, ol SNL.