November 5, 2010


I know, I am not dying today
And neither are you, giving up your breath
I know we are not away forever,
One day, we are bound to be,
So, my love, I wait for you.

Everyday I wake up late,
To see your face, around in the air,
While I get back to bed again,
I know, what I wait to dream,
Yes, my love, I wait for you.

When I know this love is no mistake,
Not made up by a set of lies
When I know, there is nothing wrong,
And the truth is, this hope wont die
Then, my love, I wait for you.

All the while, when I have a laugh
I feel your need to share the joy,
Every time I want a shoulder to cry,
I think it is you, on my beside
And then, I wait for you.

For the want of a reality,
And to own a life that is yours and mine,
A life that is ours, alone,
A place where we will be together,
At the place, I wait for you.

Every minute hurts for a lifetime,
Every day feels like forever,
But forever, I did vow to wait,
And many such days, I will live to face.
Oh, my love, I wait for you.

1 comment:

ZANY.....forever.......... said...

wait fair maiden, for that is the way of the strong
wait, for these brittle bone are made of earth alone
wait, for what ye wait for is true, never wrong
and then those skies shall part, the rains come home.........