July 15, 2009


Yesterday. It was one of those days for me, when one feels extra- confident and amazingly sure of having done the right thing at the right time. Not often am I so terribly definite of finding peace of mind. Although, I never chased the word peace, I was aware that I lacked it.

Yesterday. It was when I made a very simple choice. A choice between a future and the present. A choice that might have severe results. A choice that might not let out the slightest whisper. A choice that I might regret for life. A choice that I might rejoice. A choice that I will never forget in life.

Yesterday. It was one day that my own self remained surprised with me. I did something I always did. It did not seem repetetive, just becaue of the slight variation I included into the all so repetitive part of it. It was when I knew what I wanted; it was when I knew what made me happy. It was when I realized, it is OK to want something. It was when I realized, it was OK to be happy.

Yesterday. It was the day, when I realized that I deserve a break. It was when, I took the break. It was the day when I realized taking the break, is not all to it. I realized, what I wanted was different from what made me happy. I knew that it was perfectly normal to feel so. It was the day, I felt so.

Yesterday. It was just another day of my life. It was never before. It will never be again.


Pancasara said...

Yesterday was history.
Today is reality.
Tomorrow remains a fantasy.

I've no idea how did I ended up here, but very pleased to find your blog.

lidia said...

hola interesante muy intereante ete blog.
un saludo de argentina
lidia-la escriba perenne